Area riservata

Pasta with a hearth of gold

Doremilia is a line of fresh pasta keeping to tradition and using strict selection criteria for the ingredients. Freshness and genuineness of the ingredients for the fillings give Doremilia a unique and harmonious taste which is typical of the best craft traditions.

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Gluten free

Our line of gluten-free fresh pasta includes some musts of the Emilian tradition, such as tortellini, tortelloni, ravioli, tagliatelle and sheets of ready lasagna pastry. The tasteful products of the gluten-free line are made with carefully selected ingredients and using special kneading machines.

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Pastadora is a line of fresh filled pasta devised to offer a quality product with a price which is finally affordable.
A line of products with a controlled supply chain: tortellini, tortelloni and more delicacies for a catalogue to be tasted entirely.

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The Delicious Pasta Roses from Modena

Our sheets of fresh pastry are perfect for preparing some of the most tasteful dishes of the Emilian tradition. Here come the delicious pasta roses from Modena. Ingredients for 4 people 1 pack of Doremilia sheets of ready pastry Ingredients for stuffing the pasta roses: 12 slices of ham 12 slices of fontina cheese Parmigiano Reggiano as preferred Ingredients for the B├ęchamel 40 g butter 40 g flour 500 ml whole milk Preparation Prepare the ...