Area riservata


We are a young company, founded in November 2009 and born to bring to the market a selection of the best types of fresh pasta and close to Emilian Tradition and Tuscan-emilian Apennines Area. We chose to enter the market of producers of pasta with a unique product, which strictly follows a philosophy linked to the territory and the culture of food. We have a manufacturing plant in the mountains that complies with all applicable safety and environmental standards. We are the first to take control of the USL in our laboratories. We select all the raw materials that our area has to offer. The water and clean air of our mountains are the essential elements of our production. A careful and proper preparation of Pasta is our specific goal: cooking, harvesting, manufacturing, packaging, and storage of the entire supply chain with the time and care necessary to guarantee a higher quality of produced without the use of preservatives, flavor enhancers or taste of magic powders.